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Author: slapjack Subject: Marrying a Korean Woman

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Marrying a Korean Woman

I talked to a guy recently who is Asian, but not Korean. A pastor from a Korean church played matchmaker for him and matched him up with a Korean woman.

If you are a Christian, you might consider doing this at a Korean church in the US. I lived in Korea for a year and asked about their customs.

Most Koreans nowadays get married through some sort of dating type scenario, but still a huge percentage are matched up. If a girl gets to be about 30, the pressure is on to marry. There is pressure on men, but it is less and they can marry a little later.

If you get matched, it is expected that you will marry fast. The families and potential partners meet, discuss issues. They ask the couple if they like the potential spouse. After a few meetings, the date is set. It can be really fast. It's not just a blind date. Korean parents and spouses will insist on a high level of education in a spouse.

When I lived in Korea, interracial marriage was contraversial. If the woman you want to marry lives in the US, this might be less of an issue, but that isn't certain. being a foreigner, marrying a Korean could be a tough sell.

If you marry a Korean whose family lives in your home country, they may understand your culture somewhat. If you are in Korea, you may have difficulty understanding them and your bride. Koreans speak in a kind of code language, even if they speak English.

They don't like to say, "No." "I am sorry I cannot do that" is very strong. "Let me think about that" means no. And their ideas about many things are different from what you may be used to if you aren't Korean.

If you have a degree, you could go work teaching English in Korea making a little less than $2k a month and an apartment while you look for a wife.
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