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Author: Albert1962 Subject: IMBRA: Foreign Women Admired, Feminists Scorned And Ignored

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IMBRA: Foreign Women Admired, Feminists Scorned And Ignored

This post has been inspired by a recent opinion article published (August 22, 2006) in, "Don't Marry Career Women", by Michael Noer.

Guys: a word of advice. Marry Asian women or Russian women. Latin or non-Latin. Romanian or Bulgarian. Just, whatever you do, don't marry an American woman.... Why? Because if many surveys are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage and a divorce....

The spread of radical feminism has led to decline of family values and higher divorce rate in American marriages. The consequences of divorce are devastating and include financial, emotional and physical losses. Moreover, divorce leads to higher psychological and behavior problems in children.... With a high failure rate of marriages "made in America" (over 50 percent) and its subsequent tragic consequences, it has become important for many American men to think "outside the box" and go abroad to find a bride. Every evidence indicate that marrying a foreign woman (instead of an American woman) leads to more successful marriage and significantly lower risk of divorce, reflecting perhaps, a greater degree of mutual devotion in these inter-cultural marriages.

Ahh....foreign women!
Beautiful, sophisticated, devoted, accomodating and appreciative....
Many foreign ladies come from a culture where family values are of paramount importance. Simple things often make them happy, such as a loving relationship, security and comfort. Most women care about their appearance and like to look feminine but they are not submissive. They also value personal responsibility and strong work ethic.

Foreign ladies naturally admire men, especially American men. These American gentlemen enjoy a great reputation among foreign ladies who perceive them to be nurturing, responsible, well-educated and financially secure. In addition, these women believe that American men make great husbands, especially in contrast to native men who are often abusive, cruel and unfaithful. (Unfortunately, American women are way down the scale in terms of desirability and are virtually ignored by foreign men who prefer to marry their more traditional native women).

It's no secret that by dating foreign women, an older man can find a much younger, more attractive and traditional woman (such as any of the ladies pictured above) than what's available at home. Most young foreign women judge a man more by his honesty and character than by his age or looks. Thus, it is realistic for an older American gentleman to find a considerably younger, more attractive foreign bride, often with an age difference of up to 20 or more years. Youth and beauty translate to fertility, or the ability to have healthy babies and for an older man, this is much more likely to occur with a young, loverly foreign bride than with an obese, middle-aged American woman.

International romance has grown considerably over the recent years as the world has become more globalized, bringing together many decent, successful American gentlemen with lovely, exotic foreign ladies. In most cases, these marriages are very successful, as indicated by a much lower divorce rate compared to those "made in America". Many of these inter-cultural marriages are built upon strong family values, true companionship and mutual devotion. By the way, Tiger Woods, who is married to a beautiful Swedish lady, is a one very smart gentleman.... I bet he knows that marriage to a foreign woman would mean a lower risk of future divorce!

American men who have not been exposed to foreign women have no idea what they are missing out. And for those gentlemen who do have foreign bride dreams, do not let an idiotic law such as IMBRA get in the way of your happiness.

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